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We help Innovative products and services startups take baby steps

Business Support

Market Research

As a product or service company, first step is to have an understanding of the market and get an overall perspective. Our market research often helps in design of corporate level strategy and further validate, refine or create new business goals. 

Sales & Marketing

It's always a tricky situation for a startup to design and develop a professional Go To Market plan and execute. Our services help start-ups to stay lean and invest resources with a clearly laid objectives to build market step by step.

Sales Office

Startups looking to have a presence in new locations worldwide would require huge upfront investment and efforts to manage and scale business. Our sales office services helps provide instant office space with amenities for quick start. It includes support registering as local business  and complying local rules and tax regulations.

Sales Office Plus

Growth mode startups who need presence across locations need a registered office along with a dedicated sales and technical support resource. We help companies operate as full fledged local office.


Product / Service Roadmap

Cyber Security

Based on areas of expertise and industry domain we advise startups on long term feasibility and revenue recognition possibilities for product or service in a third party perspective. It helps companies refine the offerings and also define a sustainable model for their business and gain investor confidence. 

Most startups would focus on building innovative and interesting offerings. As market turned digital, information security is an important focus for both business and government. We help define cyber security strategy overall.

Data Compliance 

When scaling a business at global level, it is important to focus on data handling as each country may have specific regulations. We help startups with their data compliance planning and execution.


Product or service quality often defines long term sustenance of business where customer perception need to be carefully handled. We help companies with ISO compliance apart from BIS, CE and FCC for products.

Risk Advisory

Often startups are prone to risk due to multiple reasons, we help provide most critical inputs that define if envisioned business is prone to risk of market or privacy laws or others. We provide genuine feedback on cash flow and recommend preventive measures in advance.

Audit Services


It is important for startups to remain focused on operations with well planned financial backup. Often there a difficulty to balance perspectives internally with that of investors, we help startups as an external party to audit financial health and provide key metrics that help aligning business goals on continual basis and ensure stake holder interests are safeguarded.

Physical Asset

As companies grow, there is an increasing capital expense towards physical assets apart from human resources. We help startups as third party who can take stock of all their physical asset using Barcode, RFID and Beacon technologies. 

Startups can leverage wealth of expertise from senior industry consultants to ensure their aspirations and goals are aligned to efforts on the ground.

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