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17 Years of experience, passion for technology & Innovation, led us here.

We are an IoT company with a strong background in RF Engineering.  We have provided R&D and embedded product design services for a Korean UHF RFID Handheld product manufacturer for more than a decade.


As the market matured into connected products, we have built a deep expertise in Cloud Engineering, Device Diagnostics leading to release of CONNECT-X IoT Data Platform with API's. Unlike our competition who focused on asset tracking as primary function, we believe IoT DATA is a primary catalyst for Enterprise AI adoption and more.

Businesses are adopting technologies and transforming into Global Companies through effective use of their own operational DATA for strategic lead, operational efficiency and increased profits. 


A Data Driven Enterprise needs two primary components and these are our areas of focus.

    1. Physical Entities or Things (Men, Machines, Inventory etc) capable of connectivity. 
       ATN Global offers suite of services that turn products into smart connected product by 

       embedding sensor to products and bringing remote data sync.

    2. Cloud Server for Managing Physical Things remotely,  process and store Real-Time Data.

        ATN Global offers CONNECT-X IoT Data Platform to enable seamless real-time connectivity

        and provides Device Management with Telemetry data.


As the companies adopt AI, there would be an increasing need for smart products capable of easy integration. 

Our Group Companies

A unique Diagnotic Centers aggregation Platform

IT Services Provider focused in IoT, Data Analytics and AI Services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) company

focused in HEALTHCARE

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