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Our passion led us here

We are an IoT company with a strong background in RFID & IoT-based product manufacturing. We have built extensive expertise in the effective use of Sensors, Gateway, Cloud & Industrial Data Acquisition Technologies as the connected and collaborative economy has taken over the traditional business ecosystem. 

Businesses are adopting technologies and transforming into global companies through the effective use of "DATA" for strategic lead, operational efficiency, and increased profits. We enable companies with TAGGIT range of "THINGS" and a platform that brings Intelligence from the THINGS embedded with sensors. We believe in adopting required technologies instead most advanced ones and focusing on reliable products and bringing a multiplier effect to business growth and profitability.

Our Journey started in 2007 as a Technology Sales and Marketing associate for an Enterprise Disaster Recovery Software company as an extended sales team for the APAC region. We supported multiple technology companies thereafter in our Journey as sales and technical support representatives for Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and other regions in APAC and USA.


Our services helped companies avoid investment in deployment teams where clients leveraged our technical support at multiple regions worldwide. As technologies matured, we set a journey to focus on "Data Acquisition" technologies and acquired the India R&D center of Korean RFID & IIoT Product Manufacturers leading us to have a stronghold in Connected Products for Industrial Data Acquisition. 

Few of Our Customers

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