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Connected & Intelligent 

We add IoT technology to your products making them Smart Products. 

Connect, Control and Monitor your products remotely in Real-Time

Leading IoT, IIoT and IoMT enabler, transforming Consumer, Industrial and Medical Things into Smart & Connected Things 

Anti Radiation Products

Introducing new range of engineered accessories for Safe Living

Connected Products for Data Driven Enterprise

Screenshot 2024-02-15 144459.png

RFID, Bluetooth Embedded THINGS for Real-Time Tracking of Men and Material.

Connected THINGS

We refer to our products as TAGGIT THINGS as in "Internet of Things" where we use customized RFID, IoT sensors to bring connectivity to daily use products.

TAGGIT products enable data driven applications and are pre-configured to work with CONNECT-X Data Platform.  A platform with exhaustive API's to enable real-time data acquisition to support powerful Analytics or AI/ML functions.

Product Features


Eco-Friendly Design


Multi Platform Support


Advanced Sensor Technology


24 Month Warranty


24/7 Support

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