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Urban Construction

IoT driven Real-time  safety monitoring of workers, machinery, and objects on the site and alert supervisors of potential safety issues, errors and productivity issues.

Lead the digital transformation

Our Management Consulting Services are backed by 15+ years of deep functional expertise and unique experience deploying UHF RFID along with TAGGIT "Things" for large and medium companies.

We have enabled and witnessed strategic value created by the "DATA" as a driver for AI Technology. Digital Transformation Services enabled our clients to re-invent their businesses and leverage technologies for Increased Productivity, Higher Profits and Real-Time Visibility.


Our mission is to enrich our clients Digital Journey with our expertise and bring measurable value to business.  

Track Your Workforce With TAGGIT Smart Helmets

Construction Managers
asset tracking.jpeg

Tracking Assets Made Simple With TAGGIT "Things"

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