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PCB Tag is a passive UHF RFID Tag designed for IoT Tracking Applications. Its size 25 X 10 mm and thickness of 2.5 mm (with IC bump) with a weight of 1.5g makes it ideal for applications that need on the board or exterior mounting on an asset. 


Asset Tracking Applications


1. Tool Tracking

2. Supply Chain

3. Agriculture and others.


Product Characteristics


Die Cut Size - 25mm X 10mm (Hole:D2mmx2)

Material - FR4 (PCB)

Mounting Methods - Adhesive, Screw

Weight - 1.5g


Electrical Specifications


Operational Frequency - FCC:902-928MHz & ETSI: 865-868 MHz.
Interface Protocol - ISO/IEC/18000-6C

Chip Type - Alien Higgs-3 / Ucode 8

Memory Configuration - EPC 96bits (Upto 480 bits), USER 512 bits, TID 64 bits.

Data Retention - 50 Years

Write Cycle Endurance - 100,000 Cycles

Applicable Surface - Metallic / Non-Metallic


Environmental Specifications


Operating Temperature: -40 Deg C to +100 Deg C.

Storage Temperature: -40 Deg C to +150 Deg C.

IP Rating: IP68

Certifications: Reach Approved, RoHS Approved, CE Approved.


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