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Connect-X Manufacturing DaaS

Enabling Intelligent Manufacturing with AI and IoT

Connect-X Manufacturing Data As A Service (DaaS)

Manufacturing companies are maturing fast towards Industry 4.0 adoption. The major steps involved are data collection, digital processes, predictive maintenance and self-adjusting machines. Manufacturing looking to adopt Industry 4.0 are often worried about capital expense and technology complexity of tracking WORKERS (Internal and External), Raw Material, Manufacturing PROCESS, ASSET, INVENTORY, ZONE, VEHICLE and UTILITY Consumption. 

Monitoring manufacturing infrastructure involves several technologies leading to complexity. Manufacturing DaaS involves installation of IoT Devices and Sensors to track people, process, vehicle, asset and inventory. Once enabled, management can utilize data to bring up a comprehensive dashboard to monitor operations and drive intelligence along with real-time tracking of Finished Goods and essential tools and equipment extending to real-time Alerts, Analytics, Predictive Resource Planning or AI/ML Strategy .

Employees connected to cloud based People Tracking System will automate attendance without a need for physical intervention, Process, Manufacturing Floor Movement, Daily, weekly & monthly reports can be generated with ease.

Manufacturing IoT

Key Benefits

Cost Reduction

Manufacturing DaaS includes design, Installation and commissioning of IoT Infrastructure and enabling required DATA from the IoT System as per agreed and pre-defined SLA. This reduces cost of device procurement, installation and greatly reduces spend on related cloud services while ensuring that the business retains focus on its key goals.



Process Improvement is one of key goals for Industry 4.0, the data enabling the system needs to be carefully curated for accuracy, process and compliance.

Manufacturing DaaS is desgined for high reliability backed by SLA's. 

Tools & Asset Tracking

Manufacturing Tools & Asset impact the operational readiness and manufacturing progress. Effective utilization of the asset demands count and location tracking of the asset. There may be additional asset metrics. Manufacturing DaaS include Sensor attached to Asset to tracks the movement 24/7.

Manufacturing Floor Monitoring

Manufacturing DaaS allows creation of zones within a manufacturing floor and monitoring the worker Heat Maps and activity within each zone as required. Often, floor managers require the data to plan resource allocation in the zones. Data allows not just tracking actvity on the manufacturing floor physically but also configured to monitor safety and security.

Mahinery Maintenance & Alerts

Manufacturing DaaS provides Machinery Health Monitoring using Sensory and Visual Intelligence where machinery malfunction can be detected in advance and a workflow may be trigerred based on alert or notification.

Warranty & RMA

Manufacturing DaaS provides ability to track the goods warranty and production specific batch number etc making it easy for the customer support teams. RMA process are greatly streamlined when goods or packaging are tagged.

IoT Infrastructure

Depending on the store dimension and DATA needs, Connect-X Manufacturing DaaS may be deployed for Passive, Active or Hybrid IoT Infrastructure. Please reach out to us for more details.

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