Industry 4.0 advances has enabled a revolutionary transformation. Use of sensors and effective integration of IT and OT technologies is leading to dramatic increase in enterprise data visibility and so productivity and efficiency can now be drilled down to per unit cost of manufacturing. Preventive measures would help businesses turn more dynamic than ever.  

ATN Global has solid team of domain experts backed by technology leaders with hands-on deployment experience in various markets. As industry moves towards multi plant manufacturing operations having a single dashboard for real-time visibility, ATN Global is looking to work with key technology providers to drive intelligence to businesses worldwide. 

ATN Global Services to Manufacturing Companies

 Market Research Services

 Understand what is happening in your specific industry and domain to explore possibilities with strategic market   data and analytics. It helps understand current position and what need to be done for future growth. 


 Industry 4.0 transformation consulting

 ATN Global technology specialists perform exhaustive investigation into your current manufacturing processes,   machinery, IT, OT and then provide recommendations on what is best strategy to gear your business to a new level   for growth with comparison and analytics for easier decision making and to set clear strategic goals.

 International Sales and Marketing Consulting

 ATN Global offers virtual office services where manufacturers would get easy access to overseas markets with an address and local representative to receive and answer customer inquiries. Additionally, where needed a dedicated field support engineer team may be assigned based on requirement. 

A dedicated team would be at disposal to perform target digital marketing in local language (Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French and others). It helps compliment sales efforts and contributes to brand building.



If you are a manufacturing company, reach out to us for more detailed information at and our domain consultant would be happy to connect with you for a detailed discussion.