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We help Innovative Businesses validate strategic objectives and align to business goals

Transaction Services

Market Research

We understand unique needs of SME companies where data plays important role to determine market planning. Decision making is often challenging where we step in as experienced team to provide customized market reports on demand.

Corporate Strategy

We provide strategy services with a goal to ensure stake holder interests are safe guarded while balancing with ambitions of the enterprise leadership. This demands deep understanding of market dynamics and experience in management.

Performance Improvement

Performance improvement often leads to impact on profitability. Our senior management experts work closely with internal teams to review and advise on all possible performance improvement areas and ensure measurable results.

Sales & Marketing

As experienced professionals, we provide customized international sales and marketing services covering a blend of push and pull strategies to ensure effective results in fast paced market.

Sales Office

We understand importance of local presence for specific sales engagements where support and client interactions become important. We provide virtual office with legal address in any location worldwide (through partner network) at minimal cost.

Sales Office Plus

In specific needs of clients who need local presence, we help companies by providing registered local office address and deploy dedicated esource to handle business in the region who would report directly to client company.

Advisory Services

Digital Transformation

As SME, It is often difficult to ascertain impact of technology investment as balancing revenue focus with future needs is critical. As experts in Digital Transformation, we provide in-depth advise backed by metrics to help make informed decisions.

Cyber Security

Data is new gold where protection of data is even more critical in modern connected world. Our cyber security experts help analyze possible threats and ensure to industry standards like ISO27001 etc..


Ascertaining quality compliance in product manufacturing or quality of customer support in always critical to businesses in competitive environment dominated by social media. We help companies set standards and align processes towards same.

Risk Advisory

Business health of SME is difficult to predict unless driven deep into data. Our unique models help understand possible financial and business risk and provide analysis and  reports so management is geared to handle complex situations.

Audit Services

Physical Assets Audit

We provide physical audit as service (AuaS) where companies are not required to invest in expensive UHF / IoT / RFID Readers etc to audit physical asset. Our hosted service helps SME comply with standards with lower capex.

Financial Audit

Financial Audit is often not just a regulatory compliance but validation of business objectives being driven as per objectives. We provide a holistic approach in business perspective while considering statutory assessments.

Environmental Audit

In an increasingly sensitive business, focus on environment specific compliance is highest priority in manufacturing and others. We provide complete environmental audit based on industry of focus.

Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure audit envisages compliance to rules and regulations concerning IT and Non-IT infrastructure requirements. Internal audit for engineering and construction companies include monitoring the progress using advanced visual intelligence.

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