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IoT Deployment

Reliable IoT Infrastructure is the key to success of Digitalization

IoT Deployment Services

Now, your team can focus on core business applications while we provide expert services for deployment of RFID, IoT Devices, Sensors and Configure for seamless and secure DATA.

Deployment Planning

In IoT deployments, strategic planning may be the most vital step where goals are established, metrics identified, teams assembled, use cases pinpointed, technical inventory taken and business processes evaluated. This can be the most time-consuming part of an IoT deployment, because it is where fundamental decisions that profoundly influence every other step take place.

Digital Carpet

Traditionally, network management tools have been asked to sense if devices and systems are on or off, running or not running. But with IoT, your deployments must account for deeper analysis of endpoint behavior and network health. Other than simply determining uptime and availability, IoT systems must instantaneously conclude if systems and devices are performing up to the specified levels to accomplish the business goal. These also must be tightly managed without having to devote armies of administrators to manually monitor and tune systems to ensure performance and reliability. Digital Carpet stage ensures taking care of these infrastructure setup.

Asset Tagging

Tracking as a function requires binding an asset to a device where the asset may be a human asset or a machinery or a Pallet inside a warehouse. Binding and un-binding of the asset involves a software, work flow and essential equipment based on the deployment plan. 


Data Management in an IoT environment requires meticulous planning and deployment efforts where configuration of the back-end would ensure DATA flow is not hindered and remains scalable. There are multiple IoT platforms, depending on the chosen equipment, platform and environment. The right configuration for DATA acquisition may need significant time and effort.


Effective integration is the key to the success of most IoT Deployments. Inconsistent data flow from may lead to misleading outcomes. Our integration team have helped companies integrate with client ERP environments not limiting to SAP, ORACLE but with several home grown systems including a few WMS.



Empowering applications with tracking data in combination with internal systems DATA can enable Intelligent dashboards and alerts. The use cases grow expotentially with adoption while DATA itself can increase productivity and also trigger cost savings.

Extended Functionality

IoT Infrastructure once setup can be leveraged for multiple use cases by just enabling on the software side. An infrastructure setup for Workforce tracking may be used for tracking VEHICLE entry and exit monitoring (or) the same infrastructure can track Inventory movement inside a warehouse. 

IoT Data Security 

As digital transformation initiatives are governed by ISO/IEC 27001 standards, DATA compliance and security are key concerns across countries. As specialists, we have built internal framework, metrics and set guidelines to ensure strict adherence.

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