GEETHA VANI / CEO & Managing Director

Geetha has 16 years experience being part of IT Industry.  Being a Java professional, she faced challenges ensuring her understanding of technology was correctly transferred to clients, it was evident to her that such gap need to be filled by sales professionals who understand technology.  It was this simple vision combined with experience travelling countries and meeting technology consultants, where her idea got reinforced. Her ambitious plans combined with disciplined work ethics continue to remain as driving force for ATN Global.




Ravi Chandra Prakash RAVI CHANDRA / Director – Global Business

Technology Strategist and Business Development Specialist with 16 years experience in Enterprise IT & Embedded Technology Sales.  Ravi has been instrumental in design of sales and marketing plans for several large and medium technology companies.  His experience helped ATN Global streamline and operate with highest level of commitment which eventually turned as core principle of company.